Over time, rubber components will corrode and deteriorate due to braking fluid and heat cycling. To ensure optimal braking performance, Sparta Evolution calipers need regular maintenance. We provide rebuild kits and other supplementary components to assist in maintaining your Sparta Evolution calipers.


All Sparta Evolution rebuild kits will include:
• Internal replacement seals
• Replacement ventilated pistons
• Sparta Evolution calipers must be rebuilt by an authorized dealer


Brake lines are one of the most critical components in a braking system.
All Sparta Evolution brake kits come with DOT/TUV approved Goodridge steel
braided brake lines which delivers consistent braking pressure to the caliper and system.


To ensure safety and strength, Sparta Evolution uses only grade 12.9 or greater hardware for our through bolts. Our Triton-class calipers are assembled using only proven ARP™ bolts and fasteners. Our caliper studs are made of nickel-plated S45C steel for fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, and cost savings. All Sparta Evolution big brake kits come with lightweight 2-piece rotors that are engineered and built 100% in the USA.


All Sparta Evolution caliper adapters are engineered to be lightweight and strong to hold up to the task of stopping even the most demanding vehicles from high speeds. Our adapters are made of aerospace grade aluminum alloys and come pre-assembled with nickel coated studs and zinc plated fasteners. This assists in corrosion resistance and makes for a high precision fit. All of our adapters undergo a rigorous battery of Finite Element Analyses to ensure a combination of strength, fatigue resistance, weight savings that are unparalleled.