Street and Track Performance Brake Pads

Sparta Evolution pads significantly increase friction levels to increase initial bite performance and fade resistance over time. Along with increased initial bite performance, the high-caliber control of Sparta Evolution pads is made possible by formulating superior braking compounds.

•  Sparta Evolution brake pads offer significant friction level increase and fade resistance compared to OEM pads.
•  High-caliber brake control made possible by a superior compound composition.
•  Braking power that is delivered with a smooth feel, but with exceptional initial bite.
•  Designed for the optimal performance while incorporating a long lasting, low dust brake pad.

Street Use

Friction Rating: 0.37~0.47
Effective Temperature Range: 30C~426C
Applicable Environment: Street use and occasional track use (Photo is for 4 Pistons)

Track Only

Friction Rating: 0.45~0.62
Effective Temperature Range: 204C~871C
Applicable Environment: Track use only (Photo is for 6 Pistons)

•    Engineered to offer extremely stable performance at severe or elevated brake temperatures
•    High resistance to brake fade
•    Recommended for short distance sprint races, time attack, HPDE, club race or track days
•    Offers a stable friction profile combined with extended pad wear resistance
•    Operates in a wide temperature range
•    Low compressibility and material stiffness for higher pad wear resistance
•    Low disc wear and better response to cold disc temperatures
•    Operates in a wide temperature range
•    Recommended for beginners to intermediate club races, track days or HPDE events
•    Designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, environments and braking styles
•    Ideal for street and mild performance driving
•    Great all around material for performance, comfort and safety
•    Higher brake performance compared to OE brake pads
•    Focuses on providing low N.V.H (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

*Sparta Evolution closely collaborates with a variety of racing teams and professionals including those in the NASA series, Global Time Attack series, and the Grand Am/IMSA series. Working closely with these teams, we sought to develop the best performing race pad on the market. As a result from these partnerships, we’ve developed a track-use brake pad that offers incredible friction levels, great initial bite, and a greater wear resistance. Sparta Evolution has a total of 28 different pad compounds that you can choose from. For more information, please contact your local dealer.

*If you have GP-1 or GP-1200 rotors, braking improvements can be made with Hawk’s direct OEM replacement pads. You have a choice from Hawk’s HPS line up all the way to the the race specific DTC line up.

*Brake pads are a critical component in a braking system. When your brake pads are under 3.2mm in thickness, it is recommended that you replace them.