Sparta Evolution DOT4 brakes fluids are low viscosity and feature high boiling points, making them perfectly suited for many standard braking features such as ABS.and brake controlled traction control. Moreover , each fluid is specially formulated to combat vapor-lock and brake fade.


Sparta Evolution P518 Performance brake fluid is our entry fluid, featuring
a dry boiling point of 518F. The P518 is perfectly suited for all types of driving,
from your daily commute to a casual day on the track.


Product Description

Sparta Evolution’s P518 Performance brake fluid is a premium specification brake and clutch fluid recommended for use in the hydraulic brake and clutch systems of all cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles for which a non-petroleum based fluid of this type is specified.

Minimum Dry Boiling Point: 260°C (500°F).
Typical Dry Boiling Point: 270°C (518°F).
Minimum Wet Boiling Point: 160°C (320 °F).
Typical Wet Boiling Point: 163°C (325°F).

R622 Racing Brake Fluid

Sparta Evolution R622 Racing brake fluid is a high performance fluid suited for high performance applications, especially those that call for a non-silicone based solution.
Featuring a dry boiling point of 622F, R622 racing fluid is a perfect choice for high performance track cars as it resists the high temperatures generated by hard and constant braking.

Product Description

R622 racing brake fluid has been specially formulated to provide the highest performance under racing conditions where braking systems must operate at very high temperatures. For best results bleed the system with fresh fluid before each race, especially if the brakes are excessively hot and/or the conditions are humid. Do not mix Sparta Evolution R622 racing brake fluid with other brake fluids, otherwise its outstanding performance may be compromised.

Minimum Dry Boiling Point: 320°C (608°F).
Typical Dry Boiling Point: 328°C (622°F).
Minimum Wet Boiling Point: 195°C (383 °F).
Typical Wet Boiling Point: 204°C (399°F).