2017 Sparta Evolution Application List
Excellence is the ground foundation of every step in design and production of Sparta Evolution products. Sparta Evolution creates quality parts using unique and stringent production processes. While most competitors use casting as their primary method of manufacturing, Sparta Evolution stands out by using the forging process instead. The difference is monumental.


Sparta Evolution understands that not all cars are built the same. Different cars require different brake biases and brake line pressures to properly work with the OEM ABS and traction systems.
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Sparta Evolution’s Pegasus rotors are built to last in harsh and extreme conditions. From its center hat to the rotor ring, every part of the rotor is examined for quality assurance.
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brake pads

Sparta Evolution pads significantly increase friction levels to increase initial bite performance and fade resistance over time.
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Over time, rubber components will corrode and deteriorate due to braking fluid and heat cycling. To ensure optimal braking performance, Sparta Evolution calipers need regular maintenance.
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brake fluid

Sparta evolution offers two tiers of DOT 4 certified fluid, viable for use in hydraulic brake and clutch system.
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