For any company in the aftermarket, an understanding that refinement and evolution doesn’t come easy is essential. It takes time, effort and sometimes, blood, sweat and tears to move to the head of the pack. In order to persevere, passion for the thrill of the race and the joys of the win are a requirement.
Here at Sparta Evolution, cars are more than just a mode of transport; they are the vehicle of life for a journey to the top. Based in Seattle, Washington, you won’t find a more talented and passionate group of people in the Pacific Northwest. Our team at Sparta is inspired to bring you the best products in the industry, working tirelessly to gather real world data from our sponsored teams to create the most competitive products in the field of high-performance braking.


Taking a look at our Big Brake Kits, our dedication clearly shows. First thing you’ll notice are the Triton calipers which are offered in 3 different finishes: Machine Silver, Stealth Gray, and Signature Blue. The smoothness of these finishes are obvious, but unlike other calipers, we opted for an anodized finish for added durability and heat dissipation. This unique, organic metal look outmatches the traditional metallic powder coat and defines the quality of our Sparta calipers.

Construction of the caliper body is from a lightweight forged 2014 aluminum alloy, with the two pieces firmly held together via aircraft grade bolts from ARP. Turning the caliper around, a set of vented pistons aid in the reduction of heat transfer by allowing air to freely circulate around the contact area and reduce the contact patch of the pad. The top of the calipers have a set of quick release pins that firmly hold the pads in place while still allowing for fast and easy pad replacement by simply sliding the pins out. The Triton calipers also utilize the standardized FMSI pad shape, so your options aren’t limited to what comes in the kit.


The second thing that stands out is our Pegasus rotors. Their unique S-Groove slot patterns are a design you won’t see anywhere else. Functionally, these rotors are a two-piece free floating design, featuring an anodized aluminum hat machined from billet.


Also included in the kit are: a set of blue steel braided brake lines from Goodridge, the renowned industry-leader, a set of brake pads from Hawk, and finally, mounting adapters made from a light aircraft-grade aluminum.


With this much effort devoted to our products, it’s no surprise that our BBK’s perform like a dream, offering the driver an unmatched brake feel and pedal modulation. Proudly made in the USA, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to the quality, safety, and performance of our products. This dedication to design has already won our company an endurance championship, with a podium finish at the 25 hours of Thunderhill in 2014.
If you’re looking to upgrade your brakes to the highest tier, our BBK offerings offer the ideal solution. The quality and performance of our offerings speak for themselves, ensuring we will reign as a leader in the aftermarket industry.